The OMG-Emotion Behavior Dataset

Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2018) pages 1408--1414, doi: arXiv:1803.05434v2 - Jul 2018
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This paper is the basis paper for the accepted IJCNN challenge One-Minute Gradual-Emotion Recognition (OMG-Emotion - by which we hope to foster long-emotion classification using neural models for the benefit of the IJCNN community. The proposed corpus has as novelty the data collection and annotation strategy based on emotion expressions which evolve over time into a specific context. Different from other corpora, we propose a novel multimodal corpus for emotion expression recognition, which uses gradual annotations with a focus on contextual emotion expressions. Our dataset was collected from Youtube videos using a specific search strategy based on restricted keywords and filtering which guaranteed that the data follow a gradual emotion expression transition, i.e. emotion expressions evolve over time in a natural and continuous fashion. We also provide an experimental protocol and a series of unimodal baseline experiments which can be used to evaluate deep and recurrent neural models in a fair and standard manner.


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