Neural Field Conditioning Strategies for 2D Semantic Segmentation

Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2023 pages 520–532, doi: 10.1007/978-3-031-44210-0_42 - Sep 2023 Open Access
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Neural fields are neural networks which map coordinates to a desired signal. When a neural field should jointly model multiple signals, and not memorize only one, it needs to be conditioned on a latent code which describes the signal at hand. Despite being an important aspect, there has been little research on conditioning strategies for neural fields. In this work, we explore the use of neural fields as decoders for 2D semantic segmentation. For this task, we compare three conditioning methods, simple concatenation of the latent code, Feature-wise Linear Modulation (FiLM), and Cross-Attention, in conjunction with latent codes which either describe the full image or only a local region of the image. Our results show a considerable difference in performance between the examined conditioning strategies. Furthermore, we show that conditioning via Cross-Attention achieves the best results and is competitive with a CNN-based decoder for semantic segmentation.


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